Atlantic Dairy and Forage Institute is a private research facility, created in 1996, on a 150 acre working dairy farm. ADFI was created on behalf of the dairy producers of Atlantic Canada and is managed by a board of 6 regionally elected directors.

Our goal is to provide a venue for on-farm research trials related to dairy production for producers and industry manufacturers.

ADFI Research Facility

  • 150 acre working farm
  • Traditional tie stall operation
  • Free stall heifer / dry cow area
  • Summer heifer / dry cow pasturing
  • 50-55 lactating registered Holsteins (including rumen cannulated dairy cows)
  • TMR mixer and diet preparation area
  • Cow scales & weigh back cart

Research Services

  • Feeding trials evaluating products including weekly averaged dry matter intake, milk production and body weight monitoring
  • Digestibility measurements include total manure and urine collection
  • Rumen in sacco digestibility evaluations
  • Crop trials

Analytical and Technical Services

  • On site feed evaluation laboratory
  • Soil testing
  • Financial benchmarking
  • Environmental planning, greenhouse gas mitigation and GHG calculator
  • Ration formulation reviews